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Vi Curated Vintage




Graphic Design, Branding and Identity Design

Vi Curated Vintage is a concept for an online vintage clothing store specializing in rare party wear and accessories. Their collection celebrates the beauty of vintage dresses, with each piece carefully selected to tell its own story. The design process of the collection is intensive; unique pieces are sought worldwide and restored as necessary, to preserve their original splendor while meeting modern quality standards.

The logo is playful and designed to reflect the creative and unique nature of the store, with a fresh appearance that still maintains a clear nod to the vintage theme. The colors green and purple were chosen because they combine a sense of vintage charm with a modern twist. Green symbolizes renewal and growth, while purple represents creativity and luxury. The logo’s design integrates these elements into a modern and sophisticated design, making the brand identity of Vi Curated Vintage look fresh while giving a nod to the past.

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