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Verlichte Herinnering West Betuwe


Branding and Identity Design, Graphic Design



For Verlichte Herinnering West Betuwe, I had the pleasure of designing a new logo and branding. This organization, founded by Pieter van der Keur (grief and loss counselor), Stephanie Stoops (farewell photographer), and Jeanine Tucker (funeral director), offers people a special opportunity to share memories and find support in their grieving process. The event takes place on June 21st, the longest day of the year, which served as a significant inspiration for our design.

Verlichte Herinnering is very passionate about their work and helping others. They wanted a logo that conveys warmth, love, and connection, fitting the essence of their organization. Together, we discussed various ideas and arrived at a design that met all their requirements.

The new logo retains the shape of a heart with a flame, symbolizing the warmth and love central to their mission. The color palette of gold, orange, and yellow is inspired by the sun and the longest day of the year, emphasizing the warm character of the event. We also chose a modern and friendly font that highlights the accessibility and hospitality of Verlichte Herinnering West Betuwe.

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