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iMac mockup van website design voor Tarrant Corporate Housing

Tarrant Corporate Housing


Texas, United States of America


Branding and Identity Design, Graphic Design, Web Design

In our collaboration with Tarrant Corporate Housing, based in Texas, USA, we focused on developing a renewed visual identity, in line with their services focused on modern conveniences and warm hospitality for corporate clients.

The design process began with a thorough analysis of Tarrant Corporate Housing's values and target audience. Based on this, we have put together a color palette that consists of blue tones and light earth tones. This choice was inspired by the vast skies and natural landscapes of Texas, where we wanted to emphasize their local identity while creating a professional and inviting atmosphere.

For the logo we opted for a modern design with an abstract icon. This design symbolizes both the dynamics of the business market and the personal approach of Tarrant Corporate Housing. The icon is designed to both stand alone and be part of the bigger picture of the brand identity.

Every step in this design process was aimed at creating a coherent and appealing visual presentation, which reflects both the business professionalism and hospitality of Tarrant Corporate Housing. The result is a visual identity that is not only visually appealing, but also strategically tailored to the market and Tarrant Corporate Housing's clients.

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