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Finesse Funeral Services




Graphic design, Branding and Identity design, Web design

Finesse Uitvaartbegeleiding distinguishes itself in the funeral industry with a warm, contemporary and personal approach. They strive to create a unique and respectful final tribute for each family that reflects the essence of their loved one. This philosophy formed the core of our collaboration.

Our task was to develop a new logo and corporate identity that conveys these values. The result is a branding that embodies not only the warmth and personality of Finesse, but also their professional dedication to providing a dignified farewell. The logo combines subtle elegance with a modern feel, which perfectly matches Finesse's approach to funeral services. The color palette of the logo is inspired by the Betuwe, with its rivers and meadows, and the setting sun that often gives the landscape a warm orange glow, reflecting the serene and caring nature of Finesse.

The logo is designed to be versatile and suitable for various applications, such as social media, print materials and more. This flexibility ensures that the logo remains effective and recognizable in different contexts.

The new corporate identity is reflected in Finesse's recent newspaper advertisement, which can be found in Het Kontakt West Betuwe.

We have also developed a complete website for Finesse. The Finesse Uitvaartbegeleiding website is designed to give visitors a warm welcome and put them at ease during an often difficult period. With an easy-to-use interface, visitors can navigate at their own pace and find the information they need about funeral services and related topics.

Through clear and understandable content, visitors are guided step by step through the process of arranging a funeral. From practical information about services and products to tips for dealing with loss and grief, the website acts as a comprehensive source of support and knowledge.

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