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Social media posts voor Body Benefit Fysiotherapie

Body Benefit Physiotherapy


Beesd and Den Bosch


Branding and Identity Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Content Creation and Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Photography and Video Production

In our partnership with Body Benefit Physiotherapy we have provided a comprehensive package of services including branding and identity design, graphic design, web design, content creation and copywriting, social media marketing, photography and video production. This project aimed to strengthen Body Benefit's visual and communication presence in line with their philosophy on the connection of body and mind.

We started by refreshing Body Benefit's existing logo, making subtle changes to bring it more in line with their current vision and approach. The color palette we have developed consists of shades of green, gray, white and black. These colors have been carefully chosen to emphasize both the soothing and professional aspects of Body Benefit Physiotherapy. Green symbolizes health and well-being, while the neutral colors gray, white and black provide balance and a professional appearance. Based on this corporate identity, we have designed various marketing materials that have been used by Body Benefit.

For Body Benefit's website, we created a user-friendly design, supported by engaging and informative content that highlights their approach to holistic health. We provided extensive copywriting aimed at illuminating their unique approach to physiotherapy, which focuses on both the body and the mind.

Our social media marketing efforts were aimed at increasing Body Benefit's online visibility and engaging with the local community. This was supplemented with content creation in the form of text, photography and video production.

This collaboration with Body Benefit Physiotherapy has delivered a holistic and cohesive brand identity, reflecting their commitment to a more balanced and healthier life.

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