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Bed & Breakfast 'Bij De Bolle'




Branding and Identity Design, Web Design, Copywriting

'Bij De Bolle' is a bed & breakfast in Beesd, run with love and hospitality by Ella van der Aa. We wanted to reflect this in the new website design.

The website has been given a complete makeover, making it not only clearer and easier to navigate but also conveying a more fitting atmosphere. We started with an analysis of the old website and feedback from the owner. The old site was dark and sometimes unclear.

The new design is light, organized, and warm, reflecting the care of the owner. It now includes all the information a potential visitor needs, including useful links to local attractions and services. Photos of the property and surroundings are now more prominently featured in a photo gallery and alongside the text, providing a better impression of what guests can expect.

The website is a one-pager, making navigation simple. Additionally, the site offers clear contact information for those interested.

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